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About Egg rolls

Since 2018, Thanh-Nga Nguyễn (who goes by ‘Tanya,’), the owner of Chuminh Tofu, began serving free meals every Sunday to anyone who wants it, no questions asked, and free of charge. At first, her effort only involved herself, her husband Pablo, and a couple of family friends. But since then a devoted group of volunteers, now dubbed ‘The Egg Rolls,’ has taken form.

The Egg Rolls is a self-organized mutual aid group made up of volunteers. Based in the Little Saigon neighborhood of Seattle, our group works in collaboration with ChuMinh Tofu to support the community at and surrounding 12th Ave S & S Jackson St.


You can find us every Sunday morning between 10.30 AM and 12.30 PM. 

Our Values

ChuMinh Eggrolls represents an alternative and a choice. It represents an alternative and a choice to not accept dehumanization as the norm and instead to find small steps to intervene; to decide for ourselves how we want the world to look; to trust and not fear.

There is an alternative and a choice to running a business as usual: one where people can organize for authentic generosity and respect with the city’s most stigmatized residents. And there is an alternative and a choice to support the oppressed and not the oppressor. 

With the rise of disruptive and harmful sweeps of encampments, we know that our communities are under attack. The beauty of organizing at ChuMinh is that it’s a harm-reduction strategy. Feeding people in need is harm reduction. Providing PPE (personal protective equipment) in a pandemic is harm reduction. Making people feel welcomed no matter the circumstance and cleaning up the spaces that criminalize community members is harm reduction.


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Contact US

A group of our volunteers runs the ChuMinh Instagram account @chuminhtofu, so the quickest way to reach us is through DM there. We are also reachable via email at

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